American Giant's GIANT Stories featuring Society Nine Founder Lynn Le

Lynn Le - Be Giant

GIANTISM: “If you’re a woman, you’re already a fighter.”

Lynn Le founded Society Nine out of practical necessity; the gear and apparel built for combat sports was designed for men and didn’t fit her or her fellow fighters right.

“If you want to start boxing, the first thing you see is bright pink gloves. My female students would come up to me and say ‘Hey, I’m wearing these gloves, they’re pink, they don’t fit me, do you have a recommendation for another women’s brand that I could try?’ I realized I had never had an answer for them.”

Lynn Le - Be Giant

Undaunted by the male-dominated sport and marketplace, Lynn and her team started designing and producing their own gear in Portland and Boston. There were setbacks, but she drew on her background in combat sports to get through the tough moments.

She had been pushed to the limit so many times during her training in Krav Maga that she knew she would persevere. It’s the resilience and confidence that combat sports gave her that drive her to encourage other women to practice.

Lynn Le - Be Giant

"Our ultimate mission as Society Nine is to empower women. On the first level, it’s physical, so through physical fitness we are empowering your fitness journey, but on a much more larger spiritual, mental level, our mission is to empower every woman to unleash the fight within her."