Society Nine Brand Ambassador Highlight: Michelle Craig

At Society Nine, we look to our Brand Ambassadors to unite strong, empowered fierce women, and the men who support them, under the banner of defining power on our own terms. These ambassadors represent our philosophy that femininity is pure resilience and unbridled strength. They are our bridge builders to our community. 

We know these women and men are badasses but we felt it was time to let our community get to know our Brand Ambassadors better, what they fight for and what they're passionate about.

In our first Brand Ambassador Highlight we’ll be telling you a little bit more about Michelle Craig. Michelle works as a real estate broker, personal trainer, Crossfit Coach and is an athlete in the Portland Metro area. Her sport of choice is Crossfit and her home gym is Inner Beast Crossfit. So follow along and get to know a little more about one of our hometown heroes!

Name: Michelle Craig
Age: 24
City: Portland, Oregon
Sport: Crossfit (primarily), Olympic lifting, obstacle races, functional fitness
Years Training: 3 years, coaching 1.5 years (personal training, Crossfit)
Gym/Gyms: Inner Beast Crossfit

What does being a Society Nine Brand Ambassador mean to you?
Michelle: It means being able to be apart of a broader community that supports and celebrates women of all sports, shapes, and sizes and the female warrior.

What lead you to pick Crossfit?
Michelle: My boyfriend worked out in Crossfit for a couple years. He started a gym with his family and asked me to help out with the marketing development. Once I tried my first Crossfit workout my passion exploded and the rest is history.

Who has been a mentor or icon to you and why?
Michelle: My mom has a pretty incredible story, growing up impoverished in Romania and coming to America to live “The American Dream.” She has had great success in multiple business ventures because she is strong, tenacious, hard-working, and ferociously dedicated to her work. She has shown me that you can achieve great things while still being compassionate towards others.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced and what helped you overcome that challenge? 
Michelle: It’s common as a trainer and a coach, that you lose your own motivation to work out yourself. The gym becomes your work. I’m currently working to overcome this. I have hired a trainer or will attend a gym class to motivate me. I’ve found that having someone else keep you accountable helps a lot.

What are you passionate about outside of the gym or what is something many may not know about you?
Michelle: I went to PSU for marketing and management, because marketing is my passion. I also really enjoy event planning.

What is your advice to a woman considering getting into Crossfit?
Michelle: TRY IT, always give it a second shot. Most Crossfit female athletes wished they started sooner.

What does being a female athlete mean to you?
Michelle: Appreciating my body for what it does and not just what it looks like.

Favorite moment as an athlete/coach?
Michelle: My favorite moment as an athlete was right after my first CrossFit competition. I had been training for just a few months, decided to enter on a whim, and was absolutely TERRIFIED going into the competition. I wasn't the strongest, or the fastest athlete, but I left everything I had out on that competition floor. A stranger came up to me after the final event, and complimented me on "having heart". That's something that I've tried to hold on to for all competitions - to do my absolute best, and end knowing that I gave it everything...
As a coach, I get excited anytime I see an athlete's mindset change from doubt, or "I can't do that", to self-confidence. Sometimes that means going for a personal record, and other times it is simply finishing a particularly challenging workout. I get my daily inspiration watching my athletes crush their goals, and as result, develop confidence in and out of the gym.

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  • Crystal Wallace

    “Appreciating my body for what it does and not just what it looks like.” – Well put! Our bodies are incredible and can achieve amazing feats, treat your body well but appreciate the form your born with :)

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