Find the Right Fit: Our New Glove Size Guide Recommendations

At Society Nine, we track product feedback from our customers on a regular basis in order to identify common themes. This informs our decisions around updates we make to our product designs. We do this to ensure that we improve based on real customer feedback, to continue to grow, evolve and get better to ultimately serve you with products that we are proud of.

With that, we'd like to announce a new sizing guide, based on improvements we've made to the Bia Boxing Glove. The most noticeable difference customers will experience is in the 12oz Bia Boxing Glove - we've improved the inside cavity and depth of the glove. Additionally, across the 12oz, 14oz and 16oz sizes we've improved the finger pocket length as well. This was based on feedback we received from customers who articulated that, while their hands are small and slender, their fingers were very long.

Take a look below! 
Note: these measurements are based on un-wrapped hands.
To read these charts, here is an example: if you measure from the palm edge to your middle-finger end, and the length in inches falls anywhere 7 inches or less; and you measure your hand width on the knuckle side and it comes in between 3-3.25 inches, then we'd recommend trying our 12oz Bia Boxing Glove. Again, there is no right or wrong fit however, and we do offer free shipping on exchanges so we'll always work to find you the best fit! 

Here is the chart for the Bia Boxing Glove:

Here are also charts for the Icon Lace Up Boxing Glove:

And the Essentials Training Glove:

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