Squad Goals: The Real Life Fighters and Athletes of Wonder Woman

So let's be honest here - who HASN'T seen the film "Wonder Woman" yet?!

Okay, no judgments if not. But in case you needed yet another reason to compel yourself to go, the new film goes into Princess Diana’s history in the island she was raised, Themiscyra. Home to some of the most powerful warriors in the world, it is inhabited solely by women.

To illustrate this part of the story, the production crew casted real life female fighters and athletes and to say that we were hyped when we recognized some of these women was an understatement. 

Did you miss who they all were cause you were too engrossed in the epicness? We've brought the highlights to you!

Ann Wolfe - Character: Artemis
Ann Wolfe is an American boxer who held world titles in three different weight classes simultaneously. Wolfe is regarded by many within the sport as the hardest puncher and best fighter in the history of women's boxing.

Brooke Ence - Character: Penthiselea
A former professional dancer, Brooke Ence made waves after qualifying for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games after just her second regional competition. During her rookie appearance at the Games that year, she wowed the crowd with two first-place finishes (Snatch Speed Ladder and Clean and Jerk), ultimately finishing 14th overall. Ence is currently a trainer at CrossFit West Santa Cruz in California.

Hayley Jane Warnes - Character: Aella
Hayley is a female triathlete and co-founder of lifestyle blog Break the Loop

Hari James - Character: Trigona
Hari James has an extensive background in sport and has represented her country in both Sprinting and Rowing before turning her attention to Crossfit and full time training. She's competed in Crossfit individually and in pairs/teams at National Level for the past 2 years and is ranked top 20 in the UK.

Madeleine Vall Beijner - Character: Egeria
Madde was a professional fighter from 2004 till 2015, and ranked top 3 best Thai boxer in the world in her weight class. After a collapse in 2014, she was told by doctors to retire due to injuries. Instead of making the transfer into MMA as planned, Madde stepped down from the ring and shifted her focus elsewhere—film.

Samantha Jo - Character: Euboea
Samantha Jo began practicing martial arts at a young age, starting with jiu-jitsu — which her mother taught her — and then wushu. She represented Canada in international competitions, she said, including at a 2008 event in Beijing held during the Olympics.

Mayling Ng - Character: Orana
Mayling Ng has trained with world champion martial artists in England, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States and represented Singapore at Arnold Classic US in 2013.

Jenny Pacey
Jenny Pacey is previously a UK Olympic pentathlete and long-jumper and plays one of the Amazons.

Moe Sasegbon
Moe Sasegbon is a Nigerian heptathlete and plays one of the Amazons.

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  • Nicole Farrelly

    As a stunt woman in training this is amazing and exciting for all women to have these women on the big screen! !!! Thank you for covering this way more in depth! !!!

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