Celebrating the Original Fighter This Month: Our Mothers

For the month of May, Society Nine is celebrating the original fighter in all of our lives - our mothers!

A lot of my own personal inspiration for Society Nine was rooted in my own admiration of my mother. A war refugee, 2x cancer survivor and soon-to-be retired wanderluster, my mom has been through events, tragedies and experiences that would jar any human being. Yet, through dedication, ingenuity and love in its purest sense, her and my father created a life of opportunity for my sister and me and instilled values that have permeated through every action and pursuit I've ever undertaken in my life, especially now with Society Nine.

It's interesting how often when I meet women in our community in various cities and gyms, or even at speaking engagements, they meekly and timidly tell me that they love our brand and what it stands for (thank you!) but since they "aren't a fighter," they will refer our brand to maybe some of their other friends who might. 

When they say these things, I usually hug them immediately and say, with a compassionate assertion, "but you ARE." By definition, courtesy of Merriam-Webster (you can't refute the people who GOVERN and manage definitions!): 

Fighter: someone who does not give up; someone who continues fighting or trying

I usually articulate this definition to these women as a mild attempt at convincing them to consider the TRUTH - which is that we all are worthy of describing ourselves as fighters. My mom has never, ever hit a single person (at least as far as I know!!) or thing in her entire life. She wasn't into athletics really at all until the past decade. But she is a fighter in the purest and truest sense. Through war, tragedy, health crises and motherhood, she never once gave up as she fought to create the absolute best life for our family. And that makes her the biggest fighter of all.

I'd like to encourage all of us to challenge our perceptions of what being a fighter means, and to consider diversifying our interpretations and definitions. Fighting is not to be defined solely through gold medals, trophies or belts; it's about the mental and spiritual fortitude that was required to get you to your biggest goals, or quite simply to survive day in and day out.

And that's what our moms remind us of: that with perseverance, love and the fighting spirit, absolutely anything can be within your reach.

Thank you Mom, for teaching me that anyone can fight. (And Grandma too!)

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