Behind the Scenes: Society Nine's "The Fight Within" Campaign

Our mission at Society Nine is unleashing and empowering the fight within every woman. We do this by providing women with a community that celebrates their resilience and strength, and by creating quality training gear that supports every woman’s personal fight.

As we entered 2017 and the beginning of New Year's Resolution season, we kept finding ourselves trying to understand why women are still challenged with outdated notions like “women shouldn’t be aggressive or hit things” or "you are too pretty to fight; you’re too old to fight; you don’t look like a fighter, etc.”

Women should not be required to validate the fight within them. Not only do these notions devalue the multifaceted journeys of every woman, but they also create barriers for those who desire the ability to discover what the fight means for them.

To kick off 2017, Society Nine is leading the narrative around what it means to unlock femininity in its most powerful way: through pure resilience and unbridled strength no matter where you come from, what you look like or what your skill set is. We did this through our new campaign, ‘The Fight Within.’

Watch our main campaign video, along with the stories of five women - The Urban Warrior, The Apprentice, The Matriarch, The Practitioner, and The Pro - here:

This campaign serves as a celebration of women by highlighting our journeys and giving a voice to the fight within five unique women. The inspiration behind each of these characters came from women we met across the country, touring and training in over 70 gyms.  In these gyms, from LA to Portland to NY to Boston, the women of these communities are mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. They are teachers, aspiring athletes, executives, bartenders and students. Society’s inability to look beyond the media spectacle they see in the ring or cage prevents the stories behind these women from being told, and their tenacity and passion for sport from being appreciated. ‘The Fight Within’ is our attempt to peel back those layers and expose the awe-inspiring ways and reasons why women fight.

We filmed over a period of five weeks, through rain, snow and sleet in the big, beautiful backyard we live in that is Oregon. Our fighters - Alex Arrache, Robin Valli Woods, Kaleah Oylear, Laura Valent, Meghan Sekone-Fraser and Anna Dempster - braved through some seriously cold weather (most days was 40 degrees or less... and then there was the day on Mt. Hood that was about 22-25 degrees!) and long shoot days to tell their stories, and to unite women everywhere in strength, struggle, and the fighting spirit.

Special thanks to THAT.Photography and JCCinematography for the incredible photography, directing and editing work behind this campaign.

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos below!

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