Behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot

We recently got back in the studio to do some new content work with some incredibly talented creatives we've admired for a long time. 

The inspiration behind our photoshoot was to focus on the intersection of power and feminine energy. In boxing, just like in business or other environments, women are exceptionally scrutinized: if she chooses to express any form of softness, femininity or fun, then she's not strong or serious enough; too gritty or intense, then she's too intimidating or aggressive. We're rarely allowed to embrace the full spectrum of who we are, internally and externally.

We wanted to challenge all those perceptions and connotations, and celebrate this intersection. It is this very intersection that inherently makes us so empowered as self-identified women, or femme identifying individuals - we can be all of it.

Here's a taste of the results of our collaboration - you'll see more from this shoot over our email newsletters, website and social media in the coming weeks. Thank you to the small but mighty all-female crew who made these beautiful visuals come to life! 

Creative director: Kimberly Briggs
Photography: Cortney White
Photography Assistant: Yvanna Ramos
Hair/makeup: Kimberly Briggs

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