A Word About Shipping Changes

For the past three and a half years, we've been so proud, challenged and humbled along the way by the support of customers like you. Thank you for your continued belief and investment in us! 

It's been an interesting journey since the days of our Kickstarter launch, navigating the ebbs and flows of change in consumer behavior, especially as it has largely shifted towards digital consumption and instant gratification. Large marketplaces guaranteeing 2-day free shipping or less are changing mall landscapes entirely, and retailers alike. Where there's been innovation, there's also been disruption - for better and worse. For companies like ours, investing in new innovative products our customers ask for, while also keeping up on the quality of our customer service (of which, we are incredibly proud of) has been worth absolutely everything that has been a part of our rollercoaster. However, one thing that has been disruptive in a challenging way: the cost of shipping.

The sheer dominance of large marketplaces has made up-and-coming businesses and brands like ours absorb the upheaval and change that hits the shipping economy in particular, especially when these large marketplaces have completely changed consumer expectations around how much the true cost of shipping actually is, and how long it actually takes. (Fun fact: when a business advertises "free shipping" (including us), it's actually not free! :))

We work our magic and do our diligence as a business internally to make sure that we can offer such a service. In fairness, we've been able to offer this with no problems the past year. However, 2019 has been unprecedented with regards to changes in shipping costs. Not only was there one increase at the beginning of this year by industry shipping carriers, but now there's a second change, set to launch June 2019. On average, there will be an increase between 5-6% - which is massive for any business, but certainly to be massive for up-and-coming businesses.

We chose to write this blog post as a means to announce this change, and be transparent with our customers about why, though difficult, we had to make it. Starting June 1, 2019, we will be implementing a standard $5 flat rate shipping on all US orders. To coincide with these changes, we've done our diligence internally along with conducting a survey of our entire customer database to determine the best way to balance this change as a business. We are introducing a new pricing structure of our in-house activewear collection as well as all of our hand wraps, in order to ensure that our business operations continue to adapt appropriately to these industry wide changes, while still ensuring that our quality products and customer service are increasingly accessible to you. 

Though this announcement was not easy to make, we truly hope that we've continued to do you proud as a community, and continue to gain your trust in sharing our journey with you. We are forever grateful for your investment, and loyalty.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at sales@societynine.com - we'll always be here for you, and are happy to answer.

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